As a Wiki fan you probably have compiled a nice set of articles to be proud of. If that's you, then good job! That's fantastic!

But how do you manage your collection?

To keep statistics you need good data.

It seems easy but think of a title that make sense. It's important to choose the right key words.

Good titles are the best food for the Wiki search engine.

Be smart with tags
Well chosen tags make life easy, ... in 2 ways.
1. The famous tag cloud:

.2. Do it yourself: searching the Wiki for a tag your tag:<your tag name>/default.aspx

Check out how Ed and myself did it.
(Yeah, Alright, I didn't make it to the tag cloud, yet.)

A small disadvantage of the Wiki search or tag search is pagination.
If you've written some more articles, the result-page will not show you all your articles at once.
Instead you get the results with the most recent author, full title, first lines of the article and latest update time stamp.


But that's not really the info you need, when compiling a list of your own articles, right?
You need YOUR own info. (No offense, Ed!)

Take a look at this article:  How to Use PowerShell to Create a Wiki Catalog Page
The script is available for download on Technet Gallery.  (download code here )

A perfect example what the script does, is shown in FIM 2010 Wiki Articles.
The article is listing multiple tags (but you can also use just 1 tag).
The powershell script uses the tag search and produces a list of Wiki articles with:
- the article name
- the initial author
- the initial publishing date.

But how do you know your article collection is a big hit?
Get some visitor statistics.
Currently the Wiki platform doesn't deliver the numbers (yet).

It doesn't require a lot of knowledge, do it yourself! Quick and easy.
Track Your Wiki Article Page Views

Let us know if you like more of this.
Which statistics do you need?
What's missing in the collection? 

Feel free to post comments on this blogpost, or head over to the WIki forum and vote!
For example posts on Proposed Metrics, page visits: possible?, Feature Request: Consistent tags, and more...).

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