Congratulations to the Top 10 Wiki Ninjas of the week! We've got some fresh faces this week...

JoeyDj jumps up on the list to #3, Peter and Sean are back in editing action. Eric keeps his contribution streak up, Freek, Batuhan, and RReilly are new, and today we're going to congratulate Wiki Ninja...



Luigi Bruno - His LinkedIn page

We're also welcoming Luigi to the blog! You'll see more from Luigi later. Check out our interview with Luigi here.

Luigi is a Microsoft Community Contributor (MCC), he contributes heavily to Forums and to Wiki, and he contributes TechNet Wiki articles in English and in Italian, often translating from one to the other!

Here are some of his English articles:

Here are some of his Italian translations of English articles:

Congratulations, Luigi! Have a great weekend, everybody!


- Ninja Ed (Blog, Twitter, Wiki, Profile)