In the Tom Petty hit “Free Fallin’” there is a lyric that has been on my mind relating to the TechNet Wiki and community (little “c”).

“,,,and the good girls are home with broken hearts…”

Leaving aside pop-pysch analysis of the memes in the song, one thing you are not going to find on the TechNet Wiki are lots of good girls/guys stayin’ home with broken hearts.

On the wiki, if there is something technically incorrect, or, more often (and more important) just incomplete – you can fix it. Right then and there.  No need to leave a comment asking someone to expand on something, just click the Edit tab, and rock on.

For example, on Mon, Sep 26 2011, Edstubbed” this article


Luigi Bruno got to work on October 2nd from 9:35 am – 10:52 am:

At 11:06 AM, Andre.Ziegler jumped in with the Videos section:

Luigi returned an hour later:


Luigi added tags:

Then Ed formatted it and retired the stubness of it:


Thank you all for jumping in and contributing!

To find other “stub pages” you can click on the stub tag.

You can learn more about using the History tab to look at article revision history by reading this blog post:

Don’t “stay home”, come on in the wiki is fine.

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