This week’s spotlight is the Windows PKI Documentation and Reference Library. What makes this article worthy of the spotlight is not that it receives a massive number of pageviews, edits, or revisions, but that it represents a shift in action and support by the product group that started the Windows PKI blog. Instead of maintaining their index of important articles on their blog, where only the authors of the blog could write, it was openned up to the TechNet Wiki on May 28th in 2010. I was personally very impressed to see that not only in their Wiki article it mentions the openning of this reference library to the community in the TechNet Wiki, but they also put a note in red on the blog post that originally held the list.

Today, you can see that several people, including myself support that list of resources by editing the article. While the Windows PKI Documentation and Reference Library is not one of the most active articles on the TechNet Wiki, it does illustrate the type of community spirit that I thought worthy of highlighting.