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VINCI Moves 183,000 Employees to Office 365

VINCI Moves 183,000 Employees to Office 365

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Another major win for Microsoft this week. VINCI, the world’s leading facilities management and construction group, recently replaced Google Apps for Business and two other collaborative working solutions with Microsoft Office 365.

The company, which has 183,000 employees in 2,500 subsidiaries spread across 100 countries, wanted to create a social network that encouraged employee collaboration and nurtured the development of its corporate culture and working methods. The company chose Office 365 for three reasons:

  • Maturity – VINCI wanted a complete and unified solution founded on Microsoft's 30 years of expertise and capable of meeting the company’s specific business requirements. Executives particularly appreciated the unified communications tools with Lync.

  • Innovation and roadmap – VINCI liked the Microsoft outlook for future innovation in the realm of business social networks, concluding that it would open up new prospects for collaboration.

  • Flexibility – The company sought the flexibility of a hybrid solution that could be deployed in the cloud or on-premises so that it could serve its numerous subsidiaries with varied technological requirements. It also wanted its employees to be able to work both online and offline.

“‘Working together’ is now a central concept and has taken on an extensive meaning in our strategy,” says Bruno Dupety, COO of VINCI Construction. “The convergence solutions for our systems proposed by Microsoft appeared to be the best placed to meet these needs. We are looking forward to taking up this challenge together.”

Microsoft France’s Office Division Director Ariane Gorin called the arrival of VINCI a “decisive step forward” in the deployment of Office 365: “VINCI's decision to opt for Office 365 proves that the flexibility of a scalable solution in the cloud and on-premise meets the needs of a market comprised both of small businesses and major international groups with specific business needs.”

Indeed. Maturity, flexibility, and an innovative roadmap. Three great reasons for organizations of all sizes to choose Office 365.
To learn more, download the read the Bing translated press release or view a Word version of the document.

  • @Tony Tai. Few questions for you on this big deal. 1) Is this customer on a Dedicated tenant or the Standard tenant? I ask because I had not seen a Office 365 Standard tenant deal this big (183,000 users) and my boss asked me if it was even possible? 2) If it is Standard, is it the largest standard tenant customer out there? If not, who\what is the largest Standard tenant that you can share with us? I recall that one time there was a limit in Standard but now it states that now that it is virtually limitless with the stated 50,000+ user threshold. 3) You mentioned they replaced "Google Apps for Business and two other collaborative working solutions", what were the other two collaborative working solutions? We are trying to consolidate too! 4) With a customer this size how many different plans to they use or are they all on the same plan? We are having trouble dealing with getting our plans right and are curious how they do that. Thanks in advance.

  • @Al Trewthe - Thanks for the great questions. VINCI is using an Office 365 multi-tenant hybrid solution. Lowe’s, with 200K users, is the largest business account that we have publicly announced, aside from many large Office 365 education accounts: www.microsoft.com/.../06-27LowesOfficePR.aspx. The three collaborative working solutions that VINCI replaced with Office 365 were Google Apps for Business, IBM Lotus Notes, and Microsoft Exchange. While we can’t disclose the details of the Lowe’s deal, many of our customers leverage several different Office 365 plans. A mix of K plans and E plans are very common for large organizations: www.microsoft.com/.../all-plans.aspx. K plans, for example, work really well for retail workers who use a shared PC. E plans are designed to meet anything from an enterprise's light to power users’ needs.

  • What a great win for Microsoft.

    I am really confused though. The headline in this story says "Vinci turns off Google Apps and turns on 365" but the subsidiary they refer too as turning off 365 is Taylor Woodrow who were purchased in 2008. The decision was made to move all the users to Exchange (not 365) to bring them in line with the rest of the business.

    So, Vinci didn't turn off Google and go to 365 as the story suggests. In fact that migration appears to pre date 365 by several years. Are Microsoft really that desperate and scared of Google to include such clumsy spin to what could have been such a great story?

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