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A Day in the Life of a Teacher

A Day in the Life of a Teacher

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My favorite secondary school teacher helped me look forward to each class. I wish she had Office 365 tools to help her. Teachers using Office 365 are empowered, productive anywhere, and use the latest tools. Using Office 365, teachers can develop lesson plans offline to post on a class website. They can create and share a digital notebook to pass onto their students as a study guide, and they can record lessons in class or elsewhere. -- None of these capabilities are available or supported with Google Apps for education. Next, teachers share recorded lessons on their class site and also with other educators, reaching and inspiring more students in new ways.

Competition for jobs among young people is particularly strong, yet teachers using Office 365 foster skills that students will use in the workplace, such as using Word and Excel, and collaborating on group projects with the latest messaging tools.

With Microsoft Office 365 for education teachers spend more time doing what they care about most – teaching, because Microsoft’s reliable tools help educators work together, prepare for class, and support students’ learning.

See what a teacher’s experience is like using Office 365 versus using Google Apps.

A day in the life of a teacher using Office 365 versus using Google Apps.

Download the infographic.

  • Both Google Apps video and the video playback in Google Drive are excellent. Also, both services allow for easy captioning of videos.

    Recording a lesson with Lync does not allow captioning afaik. Users are even complaining about this on office365's community pages:


    And, once again, the infographic complaining about accessibility features is inaccessible itself.

  • @Ian: Accessibility is important consideration in Microsoft product development. Check out how Lync 2010 is accessible here (blogs.technet.com/.../microsoft-lync-2010-accessibility.aspx), as well as how Microsoft helps Teachers create accessible teaching materials here (www.microsoft.com/.../teacher-materials.aspx).

  • How does Lync Online provide captioning for things like recorded lessons?

  • Wow, what a lop-sided comparison. I couldn't give this give this infographic a lick of credibility if I wanted to. A good IT person has an open mind and knows that every solution has it's own strengths and weaknesses, and no single solution has such an overwhelming punch on the competition.

  • 365 is not free, Google Apps is.  Free can overcome many short comings!

  • @Garth, @ Salamander: When considering Office 365 for education, schools have a choice in electing a free or a paid version (http://bit.ly/bSG86v). After a nine month evaluation, the All India Council for Technical Education chose Microsoft cloud services and will move from Live@edu to Office 365 for education. They chose Microsoft services over offerings from both Google and IBM, for 7.5 million users across the country. Over twenty years of productivity expertise made Microsoft stand apart in key, decision-making criteria. The company’s service roadmap, with a complete commitment to education across all of the Microsoft’s products and programs, made it their choice as the trusted, long-term supplier of cloud services. Microsoft has extensive experience delivering cloud services for students, in delivering Live @edu to over 22 million users, as the world’s most widely used productivity service for education. (http://bit.ly/IHUJBQ )

  • With a little deeper review of the products the Google Apps is far more capable than office 365.  They have features that will take microsoft years to implement if ever.

  • The design and utility of this analysis is exactly what I was looking for from a teacher's perspective.  I can use it to easily walk busy educators through the tough discussions of either Office 365 or Google Apps for Ed, or both.  Thank you!  (haven't looked yet, but I'm hoping there's more in the "A Day in the Life" series comparing O365 and GA4E!

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