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Top 10 Reasons for Small & Mid-Sized Businesses to Choose Office 365 over Google Apps

Top 10 Reasons for Small & Mid-Sized Businesses to Choose Office 365 over Google Apps

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Office 365 is now localized in 21 languages and available in 42 geographies. In fact, with eight months passed since its launch, the popular cloud service is on track to become one of the fastest growing offers in Microsoft history! Learn why so many small and mid-sized organizations are choosing Office 365 over Google Apps in the white papers, Top Ten Reasons for SMBs to Choose Office 365! Two versions of the white paper are available now, a deep look into their needs for cloud tools, and a single-paged summary.

The service is certainly compelling to small businesses. -- Ninety percent of Office 365 customers are small businesses with 50 or less employees. No doubt, they want a solution that is easy to use and has capabilities that help them every day. So, what in particular drives small business customers like Santa Margarita Ford, Naturally Me, PSI Solutions, ESL Industries and D7 Consulting to choose Office 365 over Google Apps? We asked customers who selected Office 365 over Google Apps, “Why Microsoft?”, and were eager to pass on their insights.

  • I too am using Office 365 but the only concern I c is the cost. For this particular reason I am looking at some alternatives which will perform similar functions. I have found this tool called CollateBox http://www.collatebox.com/ which actually looks very interesting to me.

  • Never Office over Google's native open and free services. Microsoft is traying to steal lost users by his high costs.

    I Think!!

  • @Vikram, @René: At $6/user/month small businesses all over the world find Office 365 to be an excellent value (http://bit.ly/xDNQY5), easy to use, and full of capabilities they need and use (http://bit.ly/AqOrbm). While Google limited its free lunch (http://bit.ly/md9HIm ) Office 365 customers avoid the hidden costs of Google Apps (http://bit.ly/jbB4of), as well!  … and thank you for your feedback, Vikram and René.

  • Our company was upgraded to office365 from BPOS during the weekend. No one in our company has to access to email or calendar. The transition has become a real pain for us.

  • I have been on phone with the support team, there are more than four layers before I can get a definitive answers. Most of the layers just take your phone number etc., multiple times and call back again. For a small company this is a killer. We are seriously thinking of moving to google Apps. We were one of the first people to sign on BPOS and support MSFT..but this transition is very painful for us.

  • Thanks all, I think MS office 365 will be a great tool for many of the start ups but as @vikram said cost would definitely be an concern , I don think so any small organization can work with a single user id. Hence when the cost benefit analysis is done I think MS office365 will certainly be a costly tool

  • Another day with no emails in our company. Obviously everyone is one edge. Our transition from BPOS to office365 has not gone well. The support has not been very helpful so far.

  • @phanindra: Please send your domain (companyX.onmicrosoft.com) and ticket number to ttai@microsoft.com

  • Tony,

    Thank you so much for your message I have sent the details in the email.

    Again appreciate you stepping in.


  • RGL13 D-zeu nesfarshit in zile in totul si toate!

  • Highest

  • @Tony please have a look at this one. N please explain how do you say MS Office 365 is of low cost. Here is the link http://bit.ly/GPAiXJ

  • @Jennifer, @Highest, @Vikram: Tony Bradley at PC World ran the numbers and summarized the value of Office 365: “For organizations of 500 or less, the math in favor of Office 365 seems to be a no-brainer, and also frees the company to focus on business and leave the tedium of maintaining servers and updating software to Microsoft.” (http://bit.ly/lNe1U8). Our small business customers find…

    "Like most small businesses, we thought that the tools available with a service like Office 365 would be outrageously expensive and impossible for us to attain on our own. But that’s definitely not the case with Office 365, which makes everything easy to set up and use, at an affordable price." - Jon Hopkins, Technical Director, Imagination Yoga  (http://bit.ly/xCmphT) —3 person business

    “Being a small company our budget is modest, but Office 365 gives us capabilities we never could have fathomed before.”—Chaundra Smith, Owner, Naturally Me  (http://bit.ly/GUipAV ) —6 person business

    "I figure we are avoiding $100,000 annually in hardware, maintenance, software, and the cost of a staff IT person. Office 365 is incredibly easy to set up and use, and it costs as little as $6 a month per person. At today’s employee count we are avoiding about $8,000 a month." - Elia Wallen, President, Traveler’s Haven (http://bit.ly/mZshG4 ) —32 person business

    You’re welcome to read still more here about the value of Office 365 for smaller businesses. (http://bit.ly/nbpdGk ). The list of evidence goes on and on.

  • Much more compatible with what we have than google apps and a whole new app for teachers to learn.

  • @tcrom2: Yes, teachers and educators are enjoying Office 365 as well!  (http://bit.ly/KuiVwP ), (http://bit.ly/L7p2Ze).

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