See How People are Using Office Web Apps!

You may have seen my recent post about Collaboration with Office Web Apps to take advantage of sharing/accessing your files virtually anywhere, and collaborating in real time with your colleagues through coauthoring capability.  Today, I want to share other interesting ways that people are using Office Web Apps, specifically publishing PowerPoint and Excel files, to enhance their websites and communicate with their readers.


Many of us are using Microsoft Office applications in our day to day life.  It is natural to share and express ideas using familiar tools.  Did you know you can easily publish your Excel and PowerPoint documents by embedding the files directly on a web page?  Here are some creative examples I came across recently:

Advertising Presentation              Real Estate Stats               Interactive Kite Boarding Calculator

 Shift/Work Schedule              Workshop Presentation     Bond calculators

Tree Decorating Pictures      Soccer League Scoreboard   Mortgage calculators



I particularly like the mortgage calculator example on George Alzamora’s website.   Rather than pay for development time or purchase a 3rd party financial calculator widget, the website simply leverages an Excel file to capture readers’ input and update the mortgage amortization schedule.  The natural user interaction creates an opportunity to stay engaged with your audience.  From embedding a financial calculator and a shift schedule to a marketing deck and a home slide show, Office Web Apps offers an easy way to jazz up a small business website or a personal blog.

To try it out for yourself, check out How to embed a PowerPoint presentation on a web page and How to embed an Excel workbook on a web page.  Be sure to share with us how you applied the embed functionality by adding your URL in the comment section.