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Dear Google. . .

Dear Google. . .

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  Happy Valentine's Day!

I hope you all have plans to spend time with someone special today. Or, if you forgot, it might be time to make that frantic call to the florist! Either way, be sure not to disappoint those who are special to you.

Heartache is an interesting topic today and something that got me thinking. There are a number of businesses who've experienced heartache of their own after experiencing that initial blush of romance with Google Apps. Many of them opt to part ways with Google after encountering a wide range of problems.


Not all of these tales have a sad ending though.  Being an optimist and somewhat of a matchmaker myself, I wanted to showcase two customers whose break-up with Google resulted in happy endings. Breaking up may be hard to do, but it can lead to real, long term compatibility as these letters reveal.

Our first customer, Bradshaw & Weil, an insurance agency and one of the oldest businesses in Paducah, Kentucky had this to say in their Valentines-inspired missive to Mountain View:

Dearest Google,

First, let me say that being with you has taught me so much. Painful experiences can do that. However, the time has come to say good-bye.

In the beginning, I remember being so happy.  I wanted to switch to cloud-based services, to help me back up my data, recover from any failures, and reduce my need for on-site software, hardware and management. I also wanted to use push technology and over-the-air synchronization between Microsoft Office Outlook and wireless devices.  You said you'd be there for me but you let me down. 

Back in 2006 your Google Apps Standard Edition was so young and full of promise. To be honest, I found that your capabilities were limited but wasn't ready to face it.  It hurts to admit that I was embarrassed we weren't able to do a two-way sync between my mobile devices and your Google Apps.  Why couldn't you see how much pain you were causing?

Sure, there were some good times.  However, you've got to admit there were problems between my Microsoft Office Word documents and your Google Docs...I couldn't even get contacts onto my different phones! It's not like I didn't ask for your help.  I tried contacting you several times but each one was unsuccessful.  Oh, the unrequited love!  I can't stay in a relationship if I can't get through to you - my business needs are important too.

I've done everything I could.  We spent 18 months trying to make it work.  You said you were free but in the end, the time and frustration I experienced made me see how costly you truly are.  I just can't keep pretending anymore.

You should know that I've met someone else. I know you've heard the rumors that I'm getting more done with Microsoft Business Productivity Online Standard Suite from Microsoft Online Services - and it's true. I spend 50% less time on IT management now, and I'm in the process of implementing a much richer document, communications and workflow system. I've always wanted a low-maintenance relationship that is based on trust and now I have it.  The fact is I need more than just a service provider.  I need a business partner that's aware of and can meet my requirements. 

Please don't try and talk me out of this. I know I've made the right long-term decision with Microsoft Online. Microsoft brings so much to our relationship, including Exchange Online, SharePoint Online, Office Live Meeting, and Office Communications Online. With Microsoft Online I have high reliability and financially-backed service-level agreements.  Without the workarounds I faced with you, I can now spend my time generating revenue instead of worrying about IT problems.

I hope we can still be friends.  You're young so maybe you can learn from all of this.  Best of luck to you.


Bradshaw & Weil


When you have problems getting something to work, it kills productivity and that's frustrating, but not nearly as frustrating as not being able find someone to help you.

That's something we also heard loud and clear from our friends at BridgeView IT, a high tech recruiting firm headquartered in Denver, Colorado in their break up letter to the advertising team at Big G:

Dear Google,

There is no easy way to say this. I'm sorry but I don't think we should see each other anymore. I think it is for the best.

Recruiting services for technology firms is fast-paced.  People count on me for speedy and accurate answers not to mention modern, reliable communications technology. I can't afford downtime, and I need a service that lets me communicate easily and reliably.

You've spotted me using the Microsoft Business Productivity Online Standard Suite, and I won't deny it. This subscription-based suite provides me with a new level of cloud-based e-mail, collaboration, instant messaging, and web conferencing that I've never experienced before. With multiple offices across the U.S., I've got faster access to information and the quick answers my customers require. 

I admit I was attracted to Google Docs online document sharing and Google Talk instant messaging.  Your price really caught my eye too. However, in the short time we've been together, I realized I needed more support.  Now that I'm with Microsoft, I can get a live person on the phone in my time of need.  It really is true, communication is so important to a good relationship.

Please be happy for me.  Microsoft Online Services and I were meant for each other.  I even have a single sign-on for all my Microsoft Online Services communications tools. Employees don't have to remember multiple passwords, and each department, including Sales, Recruiting and Operations - can share files, calendars, distribution lists, and other information critical to teamwork.  They can even conduct web-based video conferences in different cities with ease. 

Breaking up is hard to do but believe me, it's better this way.



BridgeView IT


Well, there you have it - tales of customers who have simply fallen out of love with Google Apps.  At Microsoft, we've learned the importance of focus when delivering great cloud services that work the way you want, with reliable customer service that is there when you need it.

Happy Valentine's Day and here's to finding the right match!  If you have your own stories of heartbreak with Google, feel free to share them and I might be able to make your match with Microsoft Online Services!

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