I am a very big user of OneNote. I first became aware of this product when I bought my first Tablet PC back in 2004 and have been a big supporter since the day I installed it. I love the ability to manage my notes for all meetings, conversations and thoughts in a single place. This gives me the ability to have at my finger tips every meeting note for every meeting I have ever (with OneNote) attended. That is pretty powerful stuff and has come in handy on more than one occasion as I am able to reference back while in a phone conversation or meeting. As a big Tablet user, I also love the handwriting ability built into the application.

I have also been participating in the Live Mesh Beta program for sometime now but it just dawned on me today how the 2 products could work together when using more than one device. OneNote has the ability to share documents via a network share, but I am able to share my OneNote's from work and home computers in one common file store via Live Mesh.

I setup a OneNote Notebooks folder in Live Mesh and uploaded all of my OneNote note book file and folders. I then made a local sync copy of the folder in my users\name\documents folder on all my computers, to replace the old one installed by the product. It was as easy as that and I now have a single repository for all notes

livemesh 1

livemesh 2

livemesh 3

just sharing how to link all of these great technologies together