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ULS Viewing Like a Boss (ULS Viewer is now available)

ULS Viewing Like a Boss (ULS Viewer is now available)

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I’m excited to announce we’ve published a new and improved version of the ULS Viewer.

About the Unified Logging Service

The Unified Logging Service (ULS) is the primary logging mechanism in SharePoint to make it easier to develop applications, expose in-depth information for debugging, and vehicle to isolate problems or threshold issues when they are encountered.  ULS writes events to the Trace Log and stores them in the file system.

For Developers ULS logs act as an extension of existing development tools as another debugging facility, in some scenarios, mitigating the need to attach a debugger to isolate an event.

For IT Professionals and support personnel ULS logs provide enough information and metadata to help determine the course of action necessary in resolution of an event and expedite support escalations where required.

The ULS Viewer provides a solution the enables presentation of ULS Log entries in a human readable format to aid in troubleshooting.

New ULS Viewer Features

Monitor multiple servers simultaneously, because we know you need to troubleshoot more than just a standalone server…


Personalize the output with the option to edit formatting.


Support for locating a specific log line within one or more ULS Logs based on a command line argument which enables other tools and solutions can leverage ULS Viewer as an external log viewer.


ulsviewer.exe –fileat:<logpath>@<time>

Time format is yyyy/MM/ddTHH:mm:ss.FF

Support for opening multiple ULS Log files in a single tab based on a command line argument which enables other tools and solutions can leverage ULS Viewer as an external log viewer.


ulsviewer <file1> <file2> ... -combine

Optionally you can combine with "-fileat":


ulsviewer -fileat:<file1>@<time> <file2> ... -combine

Fixed in ULS Viewer

Resolved updating defined filters while in paused state which provides IT Professionals and Developers an additional tool to isolate issues in high trace flow environments.

Fixed Find Again command missing matching entries.

Fixed issues with multi-line messages.

Applies more strict filter with RegEx when finding the uls log files in the log folder so that non-uls log files are not picked.


To download the ULS Viewer visit

  • Thank you!!! This is great!

  • Regarding the fixed issues: Is it also possible to use ULS Viewer in environments that use a localized version of Windows Server and SharePoint?

  • Strange Download option is not coming in the above link...

  • Excellent. This is what we need

  • Great updates! I´ve already used the "monitor multiple servers simultaneously" feature. I was simple to setup but very useful. At last U don´t have to logon to every server in the farm to read the logs. Thanks!

  • Hooray for the rerelease!

  • I see the search also has improved, is this correct?

  • thanks

  • thanks

  • Should I report bugs in the new version?

    When I drag and drop a ULS log onto the new version I get the following error:
    System.TypeInitializationException: The type initializer for 'UlsGump.AboutForm' threw an exception. ---> System.TypeLoadException: Could not load type 'System.Reflection.CustomAttributeExtensions' from assembly 'mscorlib, Version=, Culture=neutral, PublicKeyToken=b77a5c561934e089'.
    at UlsGump.AboutForm..cctor()

    It does open the log file, but then when I try to click on any of the lines in the logs I get this error:
    System.MissingMethodException: Method not found: 'Int32 System.Environment.get_CurrentManagedThreadId()'.
    at UlsGump.LiveUlsEntriesPage.d__3..ctor(Int32 <>1__state)

    I get a variety of other errors that I can give you the full stack traces for if anyone is interested.

    By the way I am running on 2008R2 SP1, and I can drag and drop these same log files into the old ULSviewer and they work just fine in it.

    I hope you guys can get this worked out because ULSViewer is such an incredibly handy program that it would be great to be able to use the updated version.


  • @Expiscornovus Yes.

  • @Ted I'll have a look, can you email to

  • Great to see an update for this usefull tool.

  • Hi, looks like the new version is not working on SPS2010

  • A great tool and glad to see it getting some attention. Will it be possible to use this with SharePoint Online services? If not, is there a timeline to have such capability?

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