April, 2014

  • Key Software Licensing Considerations for Next-Generation Enterprise Environments

    We recently finalized a commissioned Q&A with Amy Konary, IDC’s Vice President of Research on Software Licensing & Pricing. We asked Amy for her expert opinion about the key elements companies should consider to properly align the benefits of cloud based services with the associated licensing agreements.


    Ultimately, IDC’s recommendation is “that IT buyers consider the ability of the vendor to support a range of licensing and deployment options across its breadth of products.”


    The Microsoft licensing vehicle which best delivers on what are frequently hybrid scenarios is the relatively new Server and Cloud Enrollment (SCE); a new enrollment under the Microsoft Enterprise Agreement that offers the best pricing for customers who make an installed, base-wide commitment to one or more of Microsoft’s server and cloud technologies, with automatic access to Windows Azure and simplified licensing management. You can read more about the SCE in a previous blog post which includes numerous links to additional resources.