February, 2014

  • Licensing How To: Reimaging Rights Top 5 Questions

    SUMMARY:  What is reimaging and what role does licensing play? Reimaging is the copying of software onto multiple devices from one or more standardized images. Understanding the licensing guidelines related to reimaging is important to maintain software compliance within your organization.  In this Licensing How To post, we cover our top 5 questions related to reimaging.

    The Licensing How To series posts are provided by our Customer Service Presales and Licensing team members.  These scenario based licensing topics are written on trending topics and issues based on their interactions with customers, Partners, and field sellers.  For more posts from the Licensing How To series, search the “Licensing How To” tag on this blog.


    When writing our “Licensing How To” series we tend to stick to subjects that are frequently asked and are not already covered in another resource. While the Reimaging Rights brief is the definitive resource, we thought we would share the top five questions we get on this important Volume Licensing benefit. We would encourage anyone reading this post to read the content covered in the brief, as this information is supplemental to the brief.