May, 2013

  • How to License Office Web Apps Server

    Summary: Following the release of the productivity servers; Lync 2013, Exchange 2013, and especially SharePoint Server 2013 a common question that crosses our desk is, “how do I license Office Web Apps Server for the new 2013 products?”  In this post, we will be covering the basic licensing of the new Office Web Apps Server.

  • How Volume Licensing Innovations enable a “Work Anywhere on any Device” World

    This is the third in a series of blog posts about how Microsoft’s licensing is evolving to enable customers to take advantage of two major trends: Consumerization of IT and Cloud Computing. 

    In today’s modern workplace, employees are demanding maximum flexibility in where and on what device they work. They want to be able to check their work email on their personal PC at home and access, update and email a Word document on a family member’s home laptop during a weekend visit. In the interests of travelling light, they also want the option to access their work email and documents from a shared PC at an internet café or a public library.

    “Work from anywhere on any device” is one of the flexible workstyles intrinsic to  the Consumerization of IT trend where end users are increasingly making choices about which devices, applications and services they use to get their work done.

  • Microsoft Volume Licensing Mail Bag: Three Questions on Virtual Desktop Access (VDA) Licensing

    A Microsoft Volume Licensing Expert Answers your Burning Questions on Using Microsoft Virtual Desktop Access (VDA) Licenses.

    Thanks to a large response we received to the VDI licensing mail bag, Louise Ulrick, a UK-based licensing consultant and trainer, is following up on that post with a focus on VDA licensing—another useful way Microsoft customers can license virtual desktop scenarios. Louise’s experience spans three decades; she began running licensing training courses all the way back in 1995.  Today, Louise continues to love licensing and works all over the world on behalf of Microsoft.

    Microsoft VDA licensing can extend the value of a Virtual Desktop Infrastructure by giving additional flexibility for users in terms of where they work and what device they choose to use to access their corporate desktops.  Businesses that want, for example, to provide corporate desktops to contractors, or those who are exploring bring-your-own-device (BYOD) scenarios can really benefit from choosing this licensing option.