February, 2012

  • Making the Most of Software Assurance Benefits: Longstanding Benefits

    This is article three of four in a series of blog posts describing the many benefits of Software Assurance

    Following on our previous article about Software Assurance (SA), which described how SA can support customers considering migrating some or all of their applications to the cloud, we thought now would be a good time to highlight some of Microsoft’s more traditional SA benefits.

    Software Assurance has been a part of Microsoft’s licensing offerings since 2001. While occasionally perceived as an “insurance policy” to deliver access to free software upgrades, SA has expanded greatly since its introduction and is now widely viewed as an essential ingredient for maximizing the value of Microsoft volume licensing purchases.

  • New Look for MSDN Subscriptions via the Volume Licensing Service Center (VLSC)

    Later this month, the Microsoft Volume Licensing team is giving the Microsoft Developer Network (MSDN) Subscription Administration experience a fresh look. New and existing MSDN Subscription Administrators will be able to access and administer their MSDN Subscriptions via a tab on the main menu of the Volume Licensing Service Center (VLSC).

    With these changes, it will be easier for subscription administrators and partners to manage subscriptions, and similar to other VLSC functionality, they’ll need fewer clicks to add a new subscriber.

  • ANNOUNCING: "Why an updated Microsoft Enterprise Agreement" White Paper

    We’re pleased to announce availability of “Why an updated Microsoft Enterprise Agreement?” white paper which aims to spotlight key areas of business value customers can derive from the updated EA.

    This is written with the intent to respond to feedback we’ve received from customers as well as both partners and analysts for additional perspective on why we made changes to the EA and more importantly how these changes can benefit organizations.

    [click through to the article to read an excerpt from the white paper]

  • Webinar a must-see for Enterprise Agreement customers considering Office365

    One of the great benefits of the new Enterprise Agreement (EA) is the flexibility it provides enterprise customers, enabling them to procure and manage a mix of both software and cloud services products within a single agreement all the while adding cloud services at their preferred pace.

    For those customers looking to make the leap to Office365 and take advantage of the EA, we encourage registering for the upcoming webcast seminar Considering a Move to Office365? Let Microsoft explain the move to you!”