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    If you removed all the OS values within the OSD file it will allow the Application to run on any platform! For Example, The below will only execute and run on windows Vista and Windows XP 1: <? xml version ="1.0" standalone ="no" ? > 2: < SOFTPKG GUID ="C5F08D2E-B660-47E6-83E9-DC0671E78840...
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    On Thursday we spoke about how to get the error codes from a SoftGrid client , and I wanted to carry on this topic as it helps to us to understand that these error messages are not just random occurrences that Softricity SoftGrid and now Microsoft SoftGrid provide to annoy us :) Far from it..... the...
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    Example 1 - ABORTRESULT and SUCCESSRESULT If ABORTRESULT is specified, the client will check the script's exit code when it completes. If SUCCESSRESULT is specified (and if ABORTRESULT is not or it does not match the script's exit code), the client will check the script's exit code to see if it matches...