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  • Blog Post: Getting Ready for TechEd and the Blogger's Lounge!

    As I sit in a hotel room in Munich/Germany being very very ill , I can but only look to the future. And the future is very exciting! As you can probably guess I will be flying off my little island in the UK to Orlando to come and join the world at TechEd Orlando. I will be over on the SCVMM booth...
  • Blog Post: Beta 4.5 - John Sheehan / Microsoft App-V 4.5 Features

    I stumbled across this today! Its a cool little video of John Sheehan TechEd giving a break down of all the great 4.5 Beta Features! If you have never had the time to play with 4.5 than this Video may suite you better as it gives you a great overview without you having to do anything!
  • Blog Post: Sitting in Airports!

    2 Days till the conference kicks off and I am making my way to Barca! I love that City, Its amazing! As I sit here in Gatwick Airport (London) I think back to TechEd Orlando and start to remember the lessons learned; 1. Remember the days are longs so drinks lots and keep taking fluids 2. Bring dry markers...
  • Blog Post: Set Up For the big Day!

    So with 1 Day to go, we are here in Barcelona and setting up! Wayne Richards, Lee Morfil, Jane Lewis , Duane Thomas, Jamie Zink (US) , and I are running around getting all the demo's up and loaded. Its been great getting here a day earlier...... there is lot of stuff to do and lots of people to meet...
  • Blog Post: TechEd Orlando – Blogger's Lounge!

    So its kick off day in TechEd Orlando!!! And there will be loads on the go! I will try to report as much as I can for everyone out there in the great wide world! If you are at TechEd and have some time between 14:00 and 15:00 Today (Tuesday 10th) come over to the Blogger’s Lounge and say “Hi”. I would...