The World Simplified is a Virtual World

The Adventures of Justin Zarb and Dave Falkus in the Virtual Jungle

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    We have some great resource kit tools that can really help new App-V admins to fine tune there app-v estate. The App-V Best Practise Analyzer is a really handy tool that you can use. How do you know whether your Management\Streaming Server has settings that result in sub-optimal server performance. Enter...
  • Blog Post: App-V 4.6 is now available, plus some new Resource Kit tools

    J.C just pinged this up about some a couple of new reskit tools plus the reskit being updated for 4.6 in general. ------------- Over on the MDOP Blog we just announced that App-V 4.6 is now publicly available via MDOP 2010!  We’re excited to bring the new capabilities to market and also want to...