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    So you might have read a few weeks ago Justin going on about how he passed the Hyper-v beta exam... Well for the record I passed it too. :) But thats not what this post is about. I was reading Trika's blog this week and noted that we have some more details around the Work In Progress VMM Exam 70-403...
  • Blog Post: 70-403/Beta TS: Microsoft System Center Virtual Machine Manager 2008, Config

    Ohhhhh yes its time! 23rd September which means you should be getting online and booking your exam..... I have :o) Don't forget to use the promotional code : VMM08 when you book the exam As Duane pointed out last week; You are invited to take beta exam 70-403: TS: Microsoft System Center Virtual Machine...
  • Blog Post: TS: MS System Center Virtual Machine Manager 2008 Config – 71-403

    I love challenges! However some challenges are more interesting than others! If you don't remember my PFE buddy Dr Thomas decided to set me a challenge to pass the SCVMM Beta! Well I got an email from this blog from “Abdullah” who said they had there exam results (and passed!) ! hmmmmmmmmmmm I was curious...