The World Simplified is a Virtual World

The Adventures of Justin Zarb and Dave Falkus in the Virtual Jungle

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    This is a great resource, delivered from my good friend Matt McSpirit.  Demo’s, training and a really good insight of our end to end Virtualisation strategy.  Check Virtualboy.tx out and of course check out Matt’s Blog    
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    A great new resource for IT Pro, built using Siliverlight :) focused around different Technology interest area’s.  The section on virtualisation is a good reference point, contain the links to TCO calculator and the Green calculator.  Check it out.
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    So what is all this about Architecture?  move importantly how do become an Architect?  In understanding the role of an Architect a colleague of mine Mohammad Akif has put together some great resources around understanding the journey and the skills required.   2007 Resources In addition...
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    Understand how to view today’s market as an opportunity – make sure you attend the Architect Insight Conference. The fourth annual Microsoft Architect Insight Conference will be taking place on the 8th May 2009 at Microsoft, London. The format of the Architect Insight Conference in 2009 has changed to...