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Quickly Launching the Command Prompt

Quickly Launching the Command Prompt

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One of the quickest and easiest feature for the 4.5 client is being able to launch a command prompt from the virtual environment. I was one of them peps that also use to get annoyed when i had to modify the OSD file in 4.2 and earlier….

Now in 4.5 you can execute a command prompt for the said virtual package from the command prompt.

There are two steps we need to do however;

1) Find out the package short name
2) Launch the exe for the command prompt

So phase one, the quickest and easiest way of finding the package/application short name is doing an sftmime /query command. The below command will look at the virtual applications we have on the client and return the short names for that app.

sftmime.exe /query obj:app /short

For example, I ran the command on my test machine and this was the output


Now at this point i will mark one of the applications and copy the information to paste into the next command. So in the above case the following was returned;

Launch SlingPlayer
Slingbox Setup Wizard
Slingbox User Guide 1.0
Readme.htm 1.0
XML Notepad 2007
Beyond Compare 2 Help 1.0
Beyond Compare 2

and i will copy one of the applications, in this case “Launch SlingPlayer” and use it to launch a command prompt for this application.

So how do we launch that command prompt?

we run the following command

Sfttray.exe  /exe cmd.exe  /launch "APPNAME"


Sfttray.exe  /exe cmd.exe  "APPNAME"

Where “APPNAME” in my example will actually be “Launch SlingPlayer”

So this will look like

sfttray.exe /exe cmd.exe /launch “Launch SlingPlayer”


sfttray.exe /exe cmd.exe “Launch SlingPlayer”


This will launch me a command prompt for me to start investigating services, regedits, and other cool tools to help you investigate some issues.

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