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November, 2008

  • PFE Hyper-V Ops Day – October

    We ran a Hyper-V day at the end of October, and collated a series of useful links and best practice guidance. Well here we go: Architecture Informal Hyper-V Architecture Disucssions
  • Microsoft Assessment and Planning Toolkit 3.2 Now Available

    I am in Spain at the moment (no….not at teched , I had some family business to sort out :o( ) Anyway Baldwin (who will be coming to the MVUG on Monday the 10th after TechED) pinged me to say that the new 3.2 version of MAP had been released! This product...
  • App-V 4.5 Resource Kit Available

      This defiantly creped out the door late at night while I was not watching. However my buddy Aaron Parker Spotted this whilst I was asleep! We finally released the resource kit tool for App-V. The Resource kit is a selection of Tools that can be...