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Nortel Application Switch / Alteon and configuring for Load Balancing with SoftGrid

Nortel Application Switch / Alteon and configuring for Load Balancing with SoftGrid

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Well this week I have been up in bonny Scotland assisting a customer and having a merry old time.

One of the issues that came up was how they could configure there Alteon’s to successfully load balance softgrid virtual application servers. Originally this was not being successful in any DCRefresh attempts or Streams.

Anyway, Nortel Application Switch Operating System 23.0 introduces load balancing tailored to the SoftGrid suite for the delivery of sequenced applications and the maintaining of persistency while launching applications from SoftGrid Client. Upon delivery of an application to SoftGrid Client, it can run on the client computer.

Have a read of the below link and see the document in full! This may just save you trying to set up the device if your new to this. 

The great thing in the document is that it gives you a sample configuration so that you can help identify where a potential mistake may have been made.

NAS Sample configuration:

script start "Alteon Application Switch 2208" 4 /**** DO NOT EDIT THIS LINE!
/* Configuration dump taken 18:00:29 Wed Nov 6, 2006
/* Configuration last applied at 18:00:18 Wed Nov 6, 2006
/* Configuration last save at 18:00:27 Wed Nov 6, 2006
/* Version 23.0.2, Base MAC address 00:09:97:76:28:00
speed any
mode any
auto on
tnet ena
/c/l3/if 1
ipver v4
/c/l3/if 2
ipver v4
direct ena
slowage 2
/c/slb/real 1
inter 10
/c/slb/real 2
inter 10
/c/slb/group 1
metric hash
health rtsp
add 1
add 2
/c/slb/port 1
client ena
/c/slb/port 2
client ena
/c/slb/port 7
server ena
/c/slb/port 8
server ena
/c/slb/virt 1
ipver v4
vname "sgvip"
/c/slb/virt 1/service rtsp
group 1
rtspslb l4hash
softgrid ena
script end /**** DO NOT EDIT THIS LINE!

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