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Connection Group Conflicts in App-V 5.0

Connection Group Conflicts in App-V 5.0

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  • This will come in handy. Thanks for posting it Thamim. I'm still learning App-V but got a quick question.

    Let's say Connection Group 1 is not working for whatever reason. Will WinRar automatically default to Connection Group 2 and launch from there?

  • Hi Parvez, If the failure is on a application level App-V has no way to detect this therefore there will be no failover. The priority is only to handle conflicts and not for failing over. Hope that helps and give us a shout if you need more info!

  • Hi Thamim, thanks a lot  for this post. It's very interresting. But, I have two questions :

    Which App-V 5.0 version have you use ?

    Can you do those steps with App-V 5.0 SP1 ? (Have you tried?)

  • Hi Marie, this applies to all currently released versions of App-V 5.0 including SP1

  • Thank you for your quick answer.

    I work with App-V 5.0 SP1 and even if I set the priority for each group (with PowerShell on the server), the App-V 5.0 Client doesn't see those values.

    I note that the Xml generated on the server doesn't send the groups priority to the App-V Client. In the database ([AppVManagement].[PackageGroups].[Priority]), each groups have a different priority, but in the XML generated on the server, the priority of each group is "0" every time. On the Client, in PowerShell, the priority of each group is "0".

  • Hi, I get exactly the same! It's mentioned in the post that I have been unable to set priorities with the server. This is a known issue and you are not alone! The only current workarounds are to manually edit the descriptor.xml locally on the client or deliver the groups via standalone mode.

  • The connection group priority feature is broken.  Hopefully MS will come out with a fix.

  • You are right, we hope to have this fixed soon...

  • Thanks in part to Tim Mangan's AppV_Manage tool found here (  I was able to come up with work around for the Connection Group Priority issue while Microsoft attempts to fix this.  The work around involves a few more steps and at large scale I would not use it but it suffices for now.

    Step 1. Download AppV_Manage and install on App-V 5.0 client

    Step 2. Create the connection group(s) you need using the tool. Set the appropriate priority for the group.

    Step 3. Copy the connection group XML files from the client to a central repository; optionally renaming them something that makes sense. I rename the XML files the same name that I chose for the connection group name.

    Step 4. Go to each end point where clients will be logging in and add the connection group; DO NOT enable it at this point. Powershell: Add-AppvClientConnectionGroup -Path C:\pathtoXMLFile.xml

    Step 5. Use a logon script or similar technology to enable the connection group for the user at logon based on their AD group membership.  I am using Appsense to do this.  Basically if user is in group A then enable connection group A.   Powershell: Enable-AppvClientConnectiongroup -Name NameofCconnectiongroup

    I still am maintaining the Default Connection group with a priority of 0 on the management server with no issue. All subsequent groups need to be managed in this way or something similar.

    I would be interested to find out about any other work arounds people find.

    PS. This is just one of several problems with App-V 5.0.  Microsoft please fix your product!!!

  • Hi all, this particular issue around connection group priority has now been fixed with Hotfix 1 for App-V 5.0 SP1 Management Server -

  • hi,

    In the Example mentioned above, When i launch Winrar which is there in both connection groups, will winrar able to talk to both the other apps notepad++ and thunderbird. I mean to ask, we create connection group, so that they talk to each other. so can winrar talk to both the apps here as it is part of both connection groups.

  • Hi Nagendra,

    No, not in the setup above. Winrar can only open in one connection group. To achieve this you would put Winrar into a single connection group with both Thunderbird and NotePad++.

  • hi Thamim,

       Thanks. i am trying to use connection groups using app-v 5 sp1 + hotfix(KB2873465) . i published 2 conneciton groups and assigned priority. but in publishing server page, am seeing only one conenction group and priority has not been changed. In short, changes to connection groups are not taking place.

    is there a bug already there.

  • Hi Negendra,

    Hmmm the groups should publish in any instance so that might be a separate issue however the priority setting not passing through was fixed in HF 1 for the management server as here:

  • hi,

    I ahev applied this HF1. still no luck...

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