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App-V 4.6 to 5.0 - Comparison Cheat Sheet

App-V 4.6 to 5.0 - Comparison Cheat Sheet

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  • "Management Server Silverlight web console"

    Why would Microsoft choose to use Silverlight at this point?

  • Hi Rich,

    Any changes with the direction of Silverlight likely would of occurred somewhere into the development cycle of the App-V 5.0 release, the investment would probably have been significant enough to warrant the decision to stay with a Silverlight platform rather than try and switch to an alternative

  • OMG this looks so good :P

  • It sure is a great release Yannara! Check out this post for details on where to download and some other useful links around the App-V 5.0 release:

  • i played around with v5 beta and very earger to test this RTM version out.

  • Let us know how you get on HansMJ!

  • Actually App-v 5.0 is worse then 4.6. Why microsoft calls it virtualisation is a mystery to me. It is not. The applications gets published to a fixed location on the client system. Any application which uses config files (like ini's or cfg's) will have lots of problems running. Try adding a shortcut. it is impossible since it is not inside the appv package file but is located in the xml. As a result any tool which will call for the appv package file will not see those shortcuts. In short. App-v 5.0 is a big nightmare and I would not recommend using it until Microsoft gets it act together. technically it might be a very nice tool. But funcionally it is a nightmare

  • Virtualisation is core and still takes place, VFS and COM is an basic example of this. Which issues are you facing with .ini and .cfg files? I have customers working with Sybase and Oracle software in App-V 5.0 which have both these files types with no issues. It would be great to hear about your issue adding shortcuts as it is definitely not impossible, shortcuts are the same as locally installed applications and just call the application directly from cache? For example many customer create shortcuts via Group Policy or via XenApp, completely independent to the App-V shortcuts inside the package.

    I'm not trying to defend App-V as a product rather understand what limitations you are actually referring to as a lot of the points you raised I have either never heard of or I am failing to understand what you actually mean.

  • These are Good Comparison and better understand the difference between both releases.
    Thank you

  • No problems!

  • Good Comparison.. nice overview of all the main features that have changed from the previous version...Thanks

  • Glad you found it useful!

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