Windows Server “8” Beta – Hyper-V Replica

Windows Server “8” Beta – Hyper-V Replica

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Hyper-V Replica (HVR) is a new feature in Windows Server “8” Beta that provides asynchronous replication of Hyper-V virtual machines for BCDR (Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery) scenarios. 

Watch this space for in depth blogs from the Hyper-V Replica team on how-to’s, tips & tricks, sample PS cmdlets, commentary on some of the engineering decisions (eg: why do we support server names in the product and not IP addresses, why did we design resync and scenarios where it would be used).

To know more about HVR, see Understand and Troubleshoot Hyper-V Replica. A quick summary which demonstrates the feature capabilities is available here.

We want this to be an interactive dialogue between you and the engineers that built this - so appreciate your comments/feedback !

Stay tuned and watch for posts with the HVR tag...


- Hyper-V Replication Team

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  • Wow this sounds very cool. look forward to testing this out.

  • I just tried it out and it works just fine! My amateur measuring in perfmon shows that it collects changes and then batches it over in 5 minutes intervals. Did I get that right?

    Also, is VSS involved in any way or is teh secondary copy only "crash-consistent"? I forcibly turned the primary off and started the secondary and I got the 30-second countdown so I guess VSS is not involved? How can I get consistency in the secondary copy?

  • To HenrikE - Page 51 in the UTG which is available here - - contains details on how to configure application consistent recovery points.

  • 2 HenrikE - parameter delta replication every 5 minutes not configurable.

  • I followed the Appendix C of the UTG guide on VR concerning Self-Signed Certificates but allways receive reply invalid certficate … code invalid 00002F89. Can someone help or are the instructions in the Appendix C not correct ?

    Thanks in advance,


  • In addition I followed all recommendations of the Blog "HVR- Prerequisites for certificate based deployments"


  • Hi Emmanuel,

    Can you provide more info on when you get this error message - is it when enabling the Replica server or is it when creating the replication relationship on the primary VM? Also if you can send the complete error message, we can help you debug the issue.



  • Hello, later this day I will send you some more details about my lab configuration.

    Question is can I send you also a screenshot jpg about the error message ?



  • So here we go about my test configutration

    1 Two Domain conrollers with Hyper-V role installed

     FQDN's intel-win8srv.intel2012.local (Primary Site) and AMD-win8SRV.amd2012.local (Replication Site)

     running Windows 8Server Beta

    2.HTTPS(443) and HTTP (80) enabled in Windows Advanced Firewall

    3.https:/FQDN for both Primary and Replication Site gives blank screen with no error message so bindings in IIS are ok I think.

    4.Certificates installed as indicated in Appendix C of above mentioned document about Hyper-V Replica Troubleshooting

    5.Error occur as Enable Replication ofa virtual machine on Primary Site and then Configure Replica Server, choose certificate

     error screen

     Error applying Replication Con?guration changes

    Hyper-V failed to apply the new authentication settings.

    Hyper-V failed to enable the Replica server using certificate-based


    Hyper-V failed to enable the Replica Sewer using the new

    authentication settings.

    Hyper-V failed to enable the Replica server for certificate- based

    authentication on port '443'. Error: The supplied certificate is invalid


    Hyper-V could not find a matching certificate required for Sewer

    Authentication. Install a certificate which is not expired or revoked

    in the Personal certificate store of local computer. The certificate

    should have Sewer Authentication EKU, associated Private Key,

    subject common name (CN) or subject alternative name (DNS

    Name) containing 'AMD-W|N8SRV.amd2012.local' and terminates

    at the root certificate selected.

    6. I controlled also prereqisites for Certificated from your Blog.

    I'm looking more than 2 weeks.

    thanks in advance and regards,


  • Hi Emmanuel,

    The UTG had an error in Appendix C which was rectified recently. The registry key node (in the updated UTG, page 82), now reads:

    "HKLM\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows NT\CurrentVersion\Virtualization\Replication" - can you please rerun the reg add command and let me know if it addresses your problem. If the problem persists, please feel free to send me the screen shot over mail.


  • Hello Praveen,


    Thanx 2U Thousand times !!

  • Hi, tryng to figure out how to optimaze Initial Replication for large amount of data. Any "seeding" technology ?!? Is it possibile to start replication from a backup/restore procedure ?!? Tnx in advance.


  • To Erik - Yes, you can complete the initial replication by seeding from a backup copy which is available in the replica site. Your feedback on documenting this procedure is taken, I will try to get a blog article out on this shortly.

  • I'm guessing that the free hypervisor does not include the ability to replicate... Can you please confirm this?

    I have installed two HV server 8 and one server 2012 for management.  I can enable replication on the server 2012 but if I try to do so on the HV server 8 I get Load Failed and a message about "object was not found"

  • Hi Raphael,

    You should be able to enable replication on the free version as well. Can you please help me with the repro steps, build which you are using and the exact error message which you got (screen shots if possible).