Linux Integration Components for Windows Server 2008 Hyper-V

Linux Integration Components for Windows Server 2008 Hyper-V

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Daniel asked about the Linux integration components for Hyper-V. They've now reached RC2 status, according to Mike Sterling, and are available from

Hang on – did you say RC2?


Due to customer feedback from the beta version, we added a couple of additional features.


·         Mouse Support: Support for the synthetic mouse device has been added in beta. This new mouse support allows the mouse to move in and out of the window without having to use the CTRL-ALT-LEFTARROW key command to break out.

·         Fastpath Boot Support: Support for faster single disk configurations has been added to the RC2 release. Boot devices now take advantage of the storage VSC to provide enhanced performance.

We’ve reached RTM on the hypercall adapter, Linux implementation of VMBus, and the network and storage VSC.




UPDATE (July 8, 2008) - Vacations slowed my response to the comments. The Linux ICs were taken down so that folks could review the licensing one more time. Licensing is tricky when open source and proprietary software are packaged. I'm trying to get an ETA and will update this post when I know a date.

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  • Linux Integration Components for Windows Server 2008 Hyper-V now reached RC2 status and are available

  • I know "Linux" is the popular alternative and garners most of the focus.  However, is there going to be any effort to provide support for other alternative OS platforms such as BSD based ones, Solaris, or even research OS such as Plan 9?

    Even if it doesn't make sense to provide actual prewritten binary integration components for these alternatives, documentation of interfaces that a homebrew driver would need to touch would be great!

    I would note that this would be trumping the VMWare policy where they have stopped helping some of the more arcane platforms.  So, it would be a feather in the MS cap if you can do better. :)

    Of course, these alternative platforms would be "unsupported" which shouldn't be a big deal since you only support one commercial Linux distribution anyway.

  • +1 for enlightenments for *BSD and Solaris.

    I can see support for Solaris would be desirable, but not too many people would worry about support for *BSD.

  • With the recent release of Hyper-V the big question is "Am I using the latest version?". 

  • I just checked the Connect site to download the RC2 version and there's no download link any more. Does anyone know if there's a reason, or a link to download them from somewhere else?

  • Uh... I can't find it on Microsoft Connect.

    There's no download link at

  • So, where is it? There isn't any download link at the Linux Integration Components connection.

  • +1 for Xen-enabled/paravirtualized Red Hat, OpenSolaris and FreeBSD.

  • Linux Integration Components for Windows Server 2008 Hyper-V now reached RC2 status and are available

  • Where are they?

    It is quite frustrating to have all this press about the Integration Components for Linux and not be able to find where they are.  It seems that a couple of days ago the link was taken off the Connect site and has not been reinstated.

  • Can I have a SCSI based disk when I install SLES 10 on a Hyper-V linux VM? I could not find any limitations mentioned regarding this, but my installation just doesn't recognize this vhd at all!


  • In the week or so since Hyper-V RTMed there has been a huge amount of coverage on various websites. Here's

  • anyone know when this is gonna be released or where I could download the old release?

  • While I'm recovering from the Virtualization Launch Event here in Bellevue yesterday (you can view the