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  • Blog Post: How to identify which DTS Package is being called by scheduled job

    I have seen where DBAs would right click the DTS Package (SQL 2000) and schedule a job. If you schedule a package to run that way, the SQL Job it creates will have an encrypted name for DTS package in SQL job step - similar to what you see below: DTSRun /~Z0x5B431B25562BD74F4CB941E51326350F8A91C9437DA8D73EBD1C2DE9619DD5E319023043855FECBEE1C4212EC9C8F723E63AD6FEED07C6E6C271FA081A7A944807AF9338BFBD84172F0918E1ABADF33574D3102F3EB5FA5B853FF6A24B366B006E9991A21B8C69B71750032AE391DF759D0B3B09EEAB94B687E05E66CE7307C6304204...