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  • Blog Post: Step-by-Step Guide for Testing Hyper-V and Failover Clustering

    Guys, I had posted a blog that gives a step-by-step with screen shot on how to configure failover clustering for Hyper-V. Microsoft has come up with a official white paper to test the same. I came across this today. Download Step-by-Step Guide for Testing Hyper-V Clustering
  • Blog Post: Shared Storage for Hyper-V

    We know that Hyper-V supports migration of virtual machines between physical hosts. To migrate virtual machines independently, each virtual machine must be stored on its own SAN storage LUN or copy would require you to use BITS over the Ethernet network. Else if you would like to keep your virtual...
  • Blog Post: Hyper-V Host cluster (Tested on RC1)

    The Hyper-V role enables you to create a virtualized server computing environment using a technology that is part of the Windows Server 2008 operating system. This solution is provided through Hyper-V. You can use a virtualized computing environment to improve the efficiency of your computing resources...