When the U.S. Partner Team launched Microsoft Victory Lap over a year ago, our aim was to encourage Microsoft Partner Network members to celebrate the great Microsoft-based solutions they provide to their customers.  Using Twitter, we wanted to make it easy for you to share and showcase your wins, particularly in the solution areas of Cloud, Virtualization, Communications, and Database.  We also wanted to create a great partner experience, and were delighted to present features on our Victory Lap Partners of the Month – Vorsite, Bit-Wizards, DC Computers, Agile IT, and Slalom Consulting.


Based on the number of partners tweeting about their customer successes and including the hashtags #mswin and #msuspartner, we believe it’s the right time to broaden the initiative and make it an integral part of our social conversation with U.S. partners.  Starting in July , we’ll move beyond the victory laps and badges and get down to business. The information you need to win against the competition is available in the  Solutions section of the new U.S. partner portal at  http://aka.ms/uspartner.  Your tweets that include #msuspartner and #mswin will continue to be read and promoted by our primary Twitter handle, @msuspartner, so keep them coming!


Thank you to everyone who participated in Microsoft Victory Lap and shared their customer successes with us and with the partner community.  We hope you’ll continue to share those successes with us, and we look forward to hearing about many, many more!  And if you’re not already, follow @msuspartner on Twitter for the latest news and information for Microsoft Partner Network members.