Time is almost up to take advantage of the Big Easy and Cloud Easy offers Microsoft has been making available to its partners. Customers can earn up to a 25% partner subsidy for qualifying purchases made in the next couple of days, so do not miss this opportunity! You must submit your claim within 30 days of the purchase date on the Big Easy site and Cloud Easy site. (You can submit claims on behalf of customers.)

This is a great offer, partners. It makes available a host of Microsoft's software's and licenses through a single promotion--as opposed to several single-product promotions. This will add value to purchases made from growth and incubation solutions and yield greater subsidy funds. The payout structure is designed to lower many of the investment barriers for SMB customers. Get on this deal and don't be the one to miss out!

You can see a visual of the payout structure for Big Easy here, and the Cloud Easy online subscription structure. We had also introduced a Hybrid IT Accelerator for Big Easy and Cloud Easy back in April that you should note is ending with both of these offers as well. Talk to your Area Partner Manager today!