Learn how you can grow your Virtualization practice in SMB with Microsoft- Join us October 7th at 10am PST/ 1pm EST— Please join us for our October Compete Webcast, which is designed to help you secure your Virtualization customer base, grow market share and address the competition with VMware! Learn how a VMware reseller found success with a Microsoft Virtualization Strategy.

Microsoft Partners:

This webcast, in our monthly Compete Web Series, will help you understand how Microsoft competes in the virtualization space and is positioned to help you sell in the Small and Medium Business segment!

In addition, don't miss our interview of Microsoft partner Entisys, who achieved great success with their virtualization practice of leveraging Microsoft with an existing VMware install base. Hear from them on how to successfully grow your business by selling Microsoft Virtualization solutions. Register now.

Topics included in this session:


The business opportunities with Microsoft's Hyper V technology


Growing a virtualization business with Microsoft Systems
  Center Essential


Competing in the SMB space, positioning Microsoft
  Virtualization solutions against VMware


Learn how a VMware reseller Entysis, found success with a
  Microsoft Virtualization Strategy.

Don't miss this opportunity to join us, Microsoft Virtualization Strategy and Marketing experts, for a very informative 60 minutes! Register now.