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On Friday, March 18, 2011 our West Region team, Benny Madrid – General Manager, West Region SMB&D, Eric Ligman – Director Customer & Partner Experience, World Partner Group Microsoft, Ron Grattopp – Partner Solutions Technical Presenter and Suzanne Lavine – Partner Territory Manager, West Region SMB&DU, hosted the Monthly Partner Call with a focus on Open Value (OV) and Open Value Subscription (OVS) and how solution groups like Microsoft Office 2010 and Windows Intune tie into the OV & OVS story.


The Experts:

Ron Grattopp

Microsoft Office 2010 & Windows Intune

Ron discussed why and how you want to be talking to customers about upgrading to Office 2010, and maybe learn an Office 2010 feature you didn’t know about in the process.  He also provided you with an overview of Windows Intune which will hit GA (be in market) this week – you definitely want to be in the know about this great new addition to our Online Services and how it can help you expand your business, revenue, and customer satisfaction.


Eric Ligman

Making Money with Open Value and Open Value Subscription

Eric Ligman who is now the Director of Partner Experience for Microsoft’s Worldwide Partner Group covered how partners can make money with Open Value and Open Value Subscription. Eric covered the basic differences between Open Licensing (two year team and not renewable) versus Open Value (three year team and renewable, plus option of spread payments); so the end customer benefits of Open Value and Open Value Subscription. Eric also covered the business advantages for partners who sell Open Value and Open Value Subscription; such as recurring revenue, service opportunities, and trusted advisor role with end customer.


Suzanne Lavine,

Discover the Real Value of Open Value: West Region SMB&D Open Value Spring Sales Incentive

Suzanne discussed a special West Region partner contest that rewards partners for selling Open Value and Open Value Subscription. Be sure to listen to the Live Meeting Recording to understand the details and also to download the written description and parameters of this West Region contest. For additional information download the attached flyer. To download the contest rules here.


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