Last Friday’s webcast was kicked off by our own Region General Manager, Benny Madrid, with a focus on opportunities in market like open renewals that are low hanging fruit.  Special thanks to Rauline Ochs from IPED for her presentation about BMT- you can follow up with Kristie Pate if you have questions. 


The Expert: Kevin Machayya;

The new Microsoft Dynamics Lead Referral Program is now available to Microsoft partners across the globe. After a few short months in market, there are several partners signed up for the program, and some of them have already submitted leads! As a reminder, if you submit a lead to Microsoft and it results in a transaction, you have the opportunity to earn up to a $20,000 payout per opportunity for being the referral partner. 


The Expert: Kristie Pate;

Business Model Transformation – BMT

·         Microsoft has built a 5 part series specifically designed to help partners understand how to TRANSFORM their business to take advantage of the Microsoft Online Services Market Opportunity 

·         The majority of content is based on the best practices of partners that have successfully made the transition to online services

·         Learn the decisions they made in the areas of:

o   Sales

o   Marketing

o   Services Delivery

o   Operations

·         Each session is 30-50 minutes in length and available NOW by clicking here!


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