This Virtualization discussion with Synnex was one of our highest scoring webcasts to date thanks to our guest speaker Mark McClure and his expertise on the subject.  Watch this presentation on demand with the link at the bottom of this post if you didn’t get to listen live, and highlights are below. 


Expert: Mark McClure;


Microsoft’s virtualization strategy is the most comprehensive solution in the industry offering not just virtualization of the server, but of the desktop, application and presentation layers as well.  It offers the best ROI by dramatically reducing the software investment required to deploy a virtual environment.  Microsoft solutions reduce the learning curve for IT staff since they are built on the already familiar Windows interface – “it’s the platform you know.”



The management tools available through the System Center suite allow for management of both virtual and physical resources because not many companies are going to virtualize 100% of their workloads.  You can manage virtual machines running on a hypervisor as easily as desktops or laptops in the office or on the go.


Additional License Grants

Each edition of Windows Server comes with additional licenses to run in a virtual environment.  This isn’t a limit (you are only limited by hardware on the number of VMs that can run on a physical host) but a benefit of Windows Server that gives you additional copies of Windows Server at no additional cost.


Windows Server Edition

Additional Virtual Server Licenses

Standard Edition


Enterprise Edition


Datacenter Edition


Hyper-V Server 2008 R2




Microsoft virtualization technologies include Hyper-V for Server OS virtualization, Remote Desktop Services for Presentation Virtualization, App-V for Application Virtualization, MED-V for Virtualization on the Desktop, System Center Virtual Machine Manager to manage the virtual machines.


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