Microsoft's Weekly Partner Call on Friday, May 28th is CANCELLED.  Microsoft is giving partners a break this Friday to celebrate a much needed Memorial Day Weekend.  The busy month of June- end of Microsoft's fiscal year- causes stress levels to rise as partners turn their efforts to closing sales.  Please enjoy this opportunity to relax!  

Expert: Amanda Easton;

As you speak with prospects and customers you may be noticing the trend toward unifying their software and business solutions on a single platform.  Whether that be in house solutions managed by their IT staff or in the cloud Microsoft and their partner channel can provide that single vendor solution.  However oftentimes when we are speaking with IT about security or SharePoint we don’t realize that there may be line of business applications lurking around the corner that use an underlying infrastructure of our competitors.  Whether it is Oracle financials on the Oracle database, SAP using Alloy for Enterprise Collaboration or pushing Google Docs you must remember this is just the beginning.

If we as Microsoft and our partners look to unify our customers on our platform you better believe our competitors are doing the same. This is why we must think past SharePoint, BPOS or SQL Server and ask our customers “How do you track, store, and access customer information?”

Line of business applications like Dynamics CRM and Dynamics ERP are more than mere business tools:

·         81% of Dynamics customer purchase SQL Server

·         37% of new Dynamics customers upgrade Office

·         Windows Servers are purchased during 72% of Dynamics deployments

So what can you do about it?

Ask the questions…

·         Are you able to slice and dice customer data in a way that provides business insight?

·         Do you have a flexible and adaptable customer management system that can easily be customized to your specific needs and integrated to your existing systems?

·         Do you have the business insight you need to make informed decisions and effectively manage your business?

·         Do you have a system that automates key processes, reduces laborious manual tasks, and gives your sales people more time to sell?

…and then engage a Dynamics partner.  Dynamics partners specialize in business processes and solutions, they are not here to compete with you on platform.  They are here to help you retain and grow your customers through partnerships.

ACTION: Reach out to your PAM, TPAM or Microsoft contact and find the Dynamics partner that fits with your business.


You will find the three whitepapers referenced in the presentation at

·         Microsoft Dynamics CRM xRM for Solution Builders

·         Microsoft Dynamics CRM Maximize value with xRM

·         Microsoft Dynamics CRM SharePoint and xRM

Expert: Margaret Valentine;

       Beginning on May 24th Partners will need to meet new exam requirements to more closely align to current Microsoft technology. Partners will retain all benefits between now and their re-enrollment date.  Please make sure that your technical certifications are current prior to your re-enrollment date.  Visit for more details

       Visit to access the new Identity and Security Sales Specialist Program.  This is a free online sales certification program for VARs, SIs, LARs and Distributors


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