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    Q: (from Gail) I have a customer who has Deployment Planning Services dollars for Windows desktop – what do I need to do to make sure I can take advantage of those dollars? A: It has been a long time since this topic has been addressed on our blog (March 2010: Exchange Deployment Planning Services )...
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    Q: (Scott) I attended a presentation of yours on Office 2010 a few years ago. I've got a client who's having trouble with a SharePoint installation. I know very little about SharePoint myself.  Can you recommend anybody who may be able to help them?   A: (with contribution by Diane Golshan...
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    Over the last two weeks, I’ve been on-the-road in the Northeast Area with two of my co-workers: Gail Corey and Chris Large. During that time we visited with more than eight partners, a few customers, and delivered two SMB Live events. As we neared the end of our tour, we noticed that independent of if...