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  • Blog Post: Public Roadmap for Cloud Platform (Azure, Windows Server, etc.)

    To complement my earlier posting on the Office 365 Roadmap site, we now have a site where we are publishing roadmap information for a variety of Microsoft solution technologies. It’s arranged by stage: Recently Available Public Preview In Development For each of these stages, there are specific technology...
  • Blog Post: Power BI for Office 365

    Michael Kophs – Cloud PTS This summer I was fortunate enough to experience the gauntlet of Microsoft conferences:  WPC (our Worldwide Partner Conference), MGX (internal sales conference) and TechReady (internal technical conference) in three consecutive weeks!  Throughout these three weeks...
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    For those of you who have seen my posts in the past, you may already have some idea that I’m a nerd and I love technology. And just to confirm your first impressions, my nerd quotient rises when technology is used in new and interesting ways. Over the last few weeks, I’ve seen several blogs talking about...