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Update: How do Microsoft partners sign up to sell Office 365?

Update: How do Microsoft partners sign up to sell Office 365?

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J.J. Antequino


I just wanted to send a quick little update on the fastest way for partners to start selling Office 365 and how they can become eligible to receive fees for selling Microsoft Online Services.

It all comes down to signing the Microsoft Online Services Partner Agreement… otherwise known as the MOSPA.

In years past, we had a program called Cloud Essentials that helped get you started…. and we still have ways to get there through the MPN website, but honestly, unless you know where exactly to go, it gets a little confusing.

First of all, you may have already signed the MOSPA and don’t even remember Smile

If you have just signed up as a new Microsoft Partner, you should have seen the following:

MOSPA during enrollment-CropCircle

If you had checked that box, then you’ve already signed the MOSPA!

However, if you did not check that box or joined the Microsoft Partner Network before we added the checkbox, you no longer have to worry about navigating or finding your way to the MOSPA.

All you need to do now is go to:


This will redirect you to the Microsoft Online Services status page for partners:

MOSPA Status

From here, you can verify that the account you’ve logged in with has actually enrolled in the Partner Network, sign the MOSPA, complete the required Tax and Banking documentation, and Associate with a Cloud Channel Developer Distributor like Ingram, Tech Data, Synnex, or D&H.

  • this is great, but can you tell me how to get the "required tax and banking documentation"? the link takes you to a nice descriptive page about partner incentives, but there appears to be no links or anything to the required information

  • I did all of this and have spent about 10 hours reading and searching the Microsoft Partner Portal, and I cannot figure out how I can actually sell any cloud services to a customer. I have been to my cloud admin panel and it just shows that I have 0 of everything. How to I sell to a customer? I have several customers that are patiently waiting for me to sell to them and I can't figure out how. I am about ready to give up and sell them someone else's hosted Exchange.

  • Is there anyway this can be simplified? Signing up for MPN is tedious and too many requirements. I wanted to sell the product but it's just too much. Hopefully someone from MPN can guide me instead of spending hours reading all these confusing documentations. I end up selling Intermedia.net Products instead.

  • I am in the same situation as Julie and BKB. I signed the documentation in December 13, and now wish to update as banking details have changed, but cannot see how to do this. Also I have yet to successfully link any sales to my admin account. The whole system is too confusing hours are wasted going round in circles.

  • +1 to all this, I've no idea how to actually access anything where I can actually sell office 365. Tbh, the Microsoft website, particularly the partner section is an utter mess and needs scrapping and rewriting from scratch.

  • I am here as well with everyone else. Once you sign up how do you actually SELL the LICENSES for cloud services and software to customers. Please contact jfreehold@outlook.com if you find a solution! Thank you!

  • I'm glad I'm not the only one having issues with this

  • https://t.co/5x7PioY7c6 - the link you are all looking for

  • Same here, just giving up for now.

    Wasted hours trying to find stuff or make sense of anything on the mpn website.

    This is like a 1979 movie! Common Microsoft! Start taking Partners serious.

  • Thank you Sean. Without that I would still be running in circles.

  • I have sold seats in the past I cant figure out where to get the link to sing up new customers -- where did you move it?

  • Paul, i totally agree with you!

    I'm so lost after i sign up with the Microsoft Partners with the above steps...

    Next? What should i do? how can i sell office 365 and azure related products?

  • This really shows how broken Microsoft is. Is simply shouldn't be this hard to sell a product / service.

  • +1 Here, cant figure it out, Just spent hours trying to figure out how to resell some exchange accounts and am still none the wiser. Microsoft are not looking after the smaller IT support companies. This is evident with the withdrawal of SBS from the market. Im thinking about just reselling mail enable with active sync accounts instead. A lot easier and more profitable. Sort it out please!!

  • Just call AppRiver or Rackspace and let them handle it. It costs a bit more but using them saves a ton of time for a service you hardly make any margin on anyway.

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