As the Director of US Partner Enablement and Learning, I am pleased to congratulate all of these individuals who have won prizes in our recent Microsoft Cloud Specialist sweepstakes. I would also like to thank all of you who demonstrated your Microsoft product knowledge by passing the assessments for Communications, Messaging, CRM, Private Cloud Management and Virtualization, and Server Platform. Your new accreditation as a Sales Specialist or Presales Technical Specialist will serve you well when working with customers.

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$1,000 Microsoft Store gift card winners

  • John Bykowski, Minnesota

  • Lourens Snyman, California

  • Eric Niemiec, Michigan

  • Alan Adams, Georgia

  • David Wagner, Nevada

$500 Microsoft Store gift card winners

  • Obie Kokich, Washington

  • Robin Brower, Ohio

  • Daniele Aoyagi, California

  • Bert Alba, Oklahoma

  • Courtney Summers, Texas

  • John Allhiser, Kansas

  • Michael Mobly, Texas

  • Britt Cluff, Ohio

  • Joel Lachance, Washington

  • Sarah Woodruff, Michigan

  • Justin McCracken, Texas
  • Bobbi Jones, Alabama

  • Regis Picard, Nebraska

  • Lyle Sakamoto, California

  • Brian Harchar, Ohio

$100 Microsoft Store gift card winners

  • Tim Haight, California

  • Jeff Richards, Illinois

  • Shawn Weaver, Massachusetts

  • David Dawson, Washington, DC

  • Barby Biggs, Pennsylvania

  • Gary Stein, New York

  • Jamison Johnson, Oregon

  • Laurie Lemonis, New York

  • Mike White, Georgia

  • Tim Reemtsma, Texas

  • Don Mann, Maryland

  • Roy Bowen, Illinois

  • Mark Haan, Iowa

  • Jeremy Appel, Colorado

  • Cory Douglas, Illinois

  • Sean Goodnight, Texas

  • Jeff Hoffman, Illinois

  • Dustin Ballantine, Minnesota

  • Glen Orenstein, Texas