The Gear Up eToolkit provides basic product information, quick answers, selling tips, and competition information on Microsoft technologies for effective customer conversations and presentations. A Windows 8 app is now available for this essential sales tool. The app allows you to personalize your eToolkit experience with features such as live tiles that let you know when to sync for new content, the ability to add your own notes, and a reminder of the last topic you viewed.

Download the eToolkit Windows 8 app from the Windows Store.  

Visit Gear Up for more sales resources, including LicenseWise for Volume Licensing sales quotes and the Gear Up Sales Advisors for more in-depth information on product features. If this is your first visit to Gear Up, you will need to create an account for access to the site.

If you’re not yet using Windows 8, you can still access the toolkit: 

  • Online version of the eToolkit
  • Install the mobile app on your Windows Phone (search for “Gear Up USP” in the Marketplace)
  • Visit the mobile site on your smartphone 

Here is an image preview of a few eToolkit app features:  


Home screen: Modern tiles show chapter organization; history and favorites give each user a personalized experience.


Expanded Microsoft Products chapter: The eToolkit has comprehensive coverage of the Microsoft portfolio.


Sample topic: Content sections are listed in the light blue bar on left, and dark blue command bar across the bottom allows the user to take various actions, including pinning it to the Windows 8 start screen and adding notes.