Featured training

On Friday, April 5, the U.S. Partner News was delivered to your inbox as a benefit of your Microsoft Partner Network membership. Tailored to your business type and role, it includes local recommendations, announcements and training resources. Our role-based training recommendations from the issue are published below and are designed to build your capabilities for Windows 8 and Office 365 to better serve your SMB customers.


Training for Business Decision Makers
Build your companies technical and sales capability for serving small-business customers by following training recommendations for the Small Business competency and helping your employees earn related product certifications and accreditations. Relevant products include Windows 8, Office 365, and Windows Intune.

Training for IT Professionals
Earn certifications for Windows 8, Microsoft Office 365, and Windows Intune to demonstrate your expertise in helping small-business customers move to the modern desktop and capitalize on cloud computing. Attend relevant Practice Accelerators to implement your Microsoft-based solutions that meet customer requirements and needs.

Training for Developers
Build Windows 8 and Office apps that meet the needs of small- business customers.

Training for Sales and Marketing Roles
Learn how Microsoft products that meet the needs of small businesses—like Windows 8, Microsoft Office 365, and Windows Intune—are licensed and how to discuss them with your small-business customers on their terms.