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Participate in the Partner Sales Skills Excellence “Ready to Win” contest for the opportunity to earn a free pass to the 2013 World Partner Conference or 2013 TechEd of your choice (either one is a $2300 value). It’s a race to accumulate the most points between July 8 and October 31, 2012. Read below for instructions on how to register for the contest and earn points. See the complete contest rules.

Register for the contest:

Visit and click on "Enter the Ready to Win Contest." You must be either a Microsoft Sales Specialist or Pre-Sales Technical Specialist to enter the contest. Please sign in with your Windows Live ID, If you do not have an ID, there are instructions on the Registration page that will assist you in getting one. Register for either a Sales Specialist, or Pre-Sales Technical assessment and that’s it! You are entered into the contest.

There are three ways to earn points:

1. Pass assessments

You will earn one point for completing an assessment, and up to three points for three separate assessments.

2. Enlist your team

Some of you have received a unique "Key to Success" USB drive at WPC, and you will earn one point for every sales professional who uses your "Key to Success" to register at and an additional point for every assessment they complete. If you do not have a key, you can still earn a pass to WPC or TechEd as a participating Sales Specialist or Pre-Sales Technical Specialist; register for the contest first, and then click on the "Share" link to enlist as many Sales People on your team. You will earn one point for each partner seller who has taken an assessment on the new assessments list located one the Sales Specialist or Pre-Sales Technical Specialist Dashboards.

3. Extra credit

Join the Microsoft Sales Specialist Group on LinkedIn and earn a point.

Receive one point for each Time To Thrive webcast you register and attend. (Time To Thrive webcasts will occur in September and October) If you used the "Key to Success," you will get a point for each partner seller on your sales team who registers and attends each Time To Thrive webcast.