A blog series to help U.S. partners utilize the features of the Learning Plan Tool.

imagePosted by Scott Akin, Microsoft U.S. Partner Enablement and Learning Channel Director

One of the most useful features of Learning Plan Tool is the ability to assign and distribute learning plans. You can tailor the training you assign to individuals and/or entire teams. For example, if I managed a sales team that needed to start talking to customers about Windows 8, I could send the entire team a prescriptive and sales-specific Windows 8 training plan directly from the Learning Plan Tool. Furthermore, if I had a newly hired developer who knew how to use Windows Azure to build new apps, but needed to close a skills gap in migrating current apps to the Azure Platform, I could send that employee his or her own Azure Platform – Migrating plan. Or, I could select and assign just a couple key courses from the plan that I felt would give the needed knowledge boost. You can also assign a target date as a goal for completion. It might be fun to provide an incentive for your team to complete the trainings.

Windows 8 learning planOf course, you don’t have to be a team manager to utilize this feature of the Learning Plan Tool. You can email yourself a custom plan, grouping together the specific products and solutions that fit your business’ needs, and selecting the particular courses and resources for your skills set and goals.

I really believe that with features like this, the Learning Plan Tool will be foundational in helping our partners get ready for this exciting launch year. Our launch product learning plans, such as Windows Server 2012 and Windows 8, are being updated on a regular basis to ensure you have access to the latest training. We look forward to helping you compete, earn competencies and validate your skills.

The screen shots below will walk you through how to easily assign and distribute custom learning plans to trainees. If you need a refresher, see our last post on how to create a learning plan.

A. From the Learning Plan Detail tab, choose the custom plan you want a trainee to take via the drop-down and click Assign/Edit next to the training it contains.


B. Click Create Trainee List


C. 1.) Add employee name, role, email address 2.) Click to save the new trainee(s) 3. Click the Save and Return button to start assigning training


D. 1.) Select the trainees you would like to assign by click on their names 2.) Select a target date to complete the desired training 3.) You can choose to include all of the courses in this employee’s plan or select specific trainings by clicking on their titles 4.) Click “Assign Trainees” 5.) Save and return to the main custom plan view


E. Click Distribute


F. 1.) You can include a custom message to your employees. 2.) Click Distribute Now to email the plan to trainees.