SQL2012 172x60Here are some ways you can get ready to take the latest version of Microsoft SQL Server to your customers.


1. Attend the SQL Server 2012 Virtual Launch on March 7.

2. Attend a SQL Server 2012 Special Ops Tour for technical decision makers in a city near you:

3. Build your SQL 2012 Learning Plan with on-demand sales or technical training.

4. Read the SQL 2012 Sales Advisor to learn why your customers should care, common objections and edition comparisons.

5. Use your Partner Advisory Hours toward these upcoming online workshops:

Power Start Workshops – focus on new product features and presales opportunities (Cost: 1 Advisory Hour)

Momentum Workshops – build deep deployment and development skills (Cost: 1 Advisory Hour)

Practice Accelerator – add a new Microsoft practice or expand an existing practice (Cost: 10 Advisory Hours)