Here is a great opportunity for CxO-level decision-maker other business leaders to learn what transforming your business model to the Cloud could mean for your organization. Here are the details on this live virtual classroom event:

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Date: August 31, 2011
Time: 8:00am – 4:00pm PST
Duration: 8 hours, including hour lunch break

clip_image002Join Julie Bennani, General Manager Microsoft Partner Network in this first in a series of Cloud Business Model Transformation live seminars.

Abstract: The Cloud is the latest disruptive shift in an IT industry which is constantly changing. However, unlike past technology shifts which partners are accustomed to, the Cloud is a business model shift. Today most of the public cloud discussion focuses on the technology, and the customer benefits of the cloud. While both are important, partners are very interested in the underlying economics which tend to have a much stronger impact on the direction and speed of disruption to their businesses. The internet ad-funded business model is a classic example.

Microsoft recognizes the importance of the cloud economics discussion to our partners, and we are pleased to bring to the discussion lessons learned, and best practices behind successful partners in the cloud.

At the end of this session partner leaders will internalize:

1) Why Business Transformation is a critical partner topic and the Partner’s business opportunity

2) The MS cloud strategy/roadmap and how partners should think about integrating premise and cloud offerings.

4) How to analyze business implications and drive practice decisions related to Business Model Transformation

5) The new profit opportunities and considerations of Cloud based offerings

6) How Cloud solutions impact Marketing and Sales Operations

7) Long term growth: Managing the Customer Lifecycle and retention in a subscription-based business

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