image We’re pleased to announce that a brand-new Learning Curve hit your inbox yesterday afternoon – one tailored specifically to your organization. In it you’ll find:

-An overview of your MPN membership profile, and specifics about your own MPN-related activities

-Training to help you earn competencies in solutions that are applicable to your business

-Top attended trainings of the month – the training that other partners are picking

-The latest Cloud training and incentives

-Events coming to your hometown

While you’ll continue to receive our regular training newsletter of “Vital Few” training picks and learning news the second week of each month, this new issue will go out every fourth week.

Partner Mailbox Contest

There will also be a new way to communicate with the U.S. Partner Readiness team and hear what’s going on elsewhere in the Microsoft partner channel (and we do mean ‘hear’ and not just read, as we’ll feature partner questions and answers via video each issue). With the new newsletter we’ll be launching a Partner Mailbox Contest where you can submit your readiness-related questions (training, incentives, resources related to the MPN transition, building or maintaining a solution practice, etc.). If your question is selected, you'll win one of the awesome prizes listed below and the team will respond to your question in the next issue!

  1. Lenovo Netbook ($290)
  2. $100 American Express gift card + 1 copy of Office 2010 Professional ($500 total)
  3. Xbox360 Pro Console ($240)
  4. $100 Best Buy gift card
  5. $100 American Express gift card + 1 copy of Office 2010 ($500 total)
  6. $100 Best Buy gift card
  7. Xbox360 Pro Console ($240)

Are You Getting The Learning Curve?

To ensure you’re taking advantage of your partner benefit of The Learning Curve (and the free training it contains!), make sure you have opted in for communications in the MPN Membership Center.