LyncA letter was sent out to partners earlier today, announcing the name change of Microsoft Office Communications Server to Microsoft Lync (ah, the simplicity!) – I enclosed it here in case you haven’t seen it. Scroll down for info on how to download the RC. Cheers.



Dear Partner,

In addition to the hitting our Release Candidate milestone, we wanted to share some exciting news regarding the new name for Communications Server.  Microsoft® Lync™ is the new name for a new generation of Microsoft’s real-time communications products for business (the next release of Microsoft Office Communications products – Office Communications Server, Office Communicator and Office Communications Online).

Why Lync?

We chose the name Lync - a combination of “link” and “sync” – because it really captures the desire people have for a truly integrated communications experience.

We’ll bring that experience to life with Lync, by (among other things):

· Making every interaction a virtual face-to-face meeting – any conversation can include video, application and desktop-sharing, and enable people to be fully present in meetings without being present in the room. 

· Staying connected with your choice of device while away from the office – easily move a call from your PC to a mobile device without disrupting the conversation, or use your mobile as your land line by having all calls present as if they’re originating from your office phone. 

· Giving IT administrators a single solution for real-time communications capabilities – Lync provides presence, IM, persistent group chat, audio, video and web conferencing and voice without requiring stand-alone conferencing or PBX systems. 

We are extremely excited about the new name and reaching the next milestone in bringing Lync to market! I wanted to share this with you early but please keep it confidential – not mentioning to your customers or internal employees except on a strict need to know basis.

Call to Action:

Starting September 13th with the broad availability of the release candidate:

1. Download the RC here! We encourage you to do a proof of concept with your customers using the pre-release software.

2. Share the great news with your customers! To prepare for this broad public announcement please leverage the below resources to support you in evangelizing Lync to your customers.

Communication regarding the WW Launch Day will be sent early Q4/CY2010.   In the meantime please continue to drive launch activities with your customers with the availability of the pre-release software and the resources provided below.


1) Partner Launch-in-a-Box available here

2) Check out the new MPN Lync Product Page on September 13th :

Thank You!