There’s a great learning package available in the Learning Plan Tool that makes all of the sessions from the recent Cloud Day Training available on-demand, at your own pace. The package consists of ten 200-level courses, plus some helpful prereq documents. It’s pretty comprehensive, so when you have complete this package, you will be able to do all of these tasks:

  1. Describe the Microsoft Cloud Services offerings
  2. Compete effectively against other Cloud-based offerings, pitch Microsoft Cloud Services effective to your customers
  3. Explain the benefits of Microsoft BPOS to your customers
  4. Handle a BPOS conversation effectively
  5. Explain the benefits of Windows Azure to your customers
  6. Handle a Windows Azure conversation effectively
  7. Explain Online Licensing to a customer
  8. Propose cloud-based solutions in customer discussions

So, get this package added to your learning plan or hand pick a few courses you’d like to hone in on. Has your org embraced the Cloud? What solution is proving to have the most customer demand right now?


The Partner Training Team