Forefront Here’s a second chance worth taking. Because the ‘virtual seats’ of the Microsoft Partner Academy technical pre-sales training series filled up so quickly this spring, our team  decided to repeat the three segments in the summer. Yay! These are self-paced, virtual classes that allow you to access the material anytime within the date ranges listed below. So, yes, you can still take the training from the course that was made available May 31.

  • Configuring and Deploying RMS as a Policy Platform for Data Protection (May 31 - July 12)
  • Configuring and Deploying FIM 2010 as an Identity Management Solution (June 28 - August 09)
  • Configuring and Deploying UAG as a Remote Access Gateway (June 14 - July 26)

As always, you can find additional Forefront security training on the Learning Plan Tool.